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The International Sports Science Register welcomes professionals from all areas of study of sports sciences: Kinesiologists, Sports Scientists, PhDs, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Medical Psychologists, Sport Psychologists, Fitness Specialists, Posturologists.

Sport Science is an international project that welcomes and presents the highest level of specialists. It represents the authoritative point of reference in the field of Sport Science and provides important support to the entire sector. A complete and structured ecosystem, able to connect and increase users, companies and professionals by means of the most sophisticated IT network ever built before internationally.

All the contents presented, are produced by ATS, the first Institute of Professional Training in Science, since 2008 training institution, whose name is among the most authoritative and respected in the world in the scientific context of health, prevention and performance.

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Sport Science in collaboration with ATS, operate with the best specialists internationally for the production of educational content and scientific update events.

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The application of each professional for registration in the International Register is subjected to supervision and subsequent approval. Sport Science has defined new operating standards and selected action protocols in order to share reliable and up-to-date scientific information along with the most demanded professional skills.

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