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Sport Science is the most authoritative and respected reference point in the field of sports science. We collaborate with the best teachers, professionals and researchers in the world to elevate and disseminate reliable and up-to-date information on health, prevention, wellness and performance.

In partnership with the most accredited international news agencies, magazines and reference sites, we enhance the role of professionals and connect millions of users that are interested in the world of sport for the improvement of quality of life, breaking records and personal growth in and outside the sporting and agonistic context.

Sport Science Media: Only the Best of the Best

Accessing the International Register and qualifying with Sport Science means gaining visibility in a professional context and a contact link with customers: private, institutional and public. The close connection between Sport Science and numerous sports clubs, performance and research centres, allows us to enter a safe and strongly authoritative context.

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Sport Science in collaboration with ATS, the first Institute of Professional Training in Science and independent publishing department in the scientific field of sport, represents an unprecedented platform for growth and visibility for all sports and health professionals. It publishes books, articles and scientific studies, through the largest international network in the scientific world of sport.

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